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Development objective and characteristic

Development objective and characteristic

1. Development objective
Today’s enterprises have been facing the rapidly changing era of globalization and industrialization. Although it has created lots of business opportunities but also result in a tough challenge, hyper-competitive, and low profits business circumstance for worldwide enterprises. In order to provide a good learning environment for the corporate well work experience higher executives being able to return to school, with their industry`s management concepts and practical experience in academic research, and with various industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs learning together to explore the corporate environment and business issues, MingDao University had established this EMBA program in 2007 for such needs. This EMBA program will develop students being able to diagnose and solve business problems. And develop a full aspect of business and corporate start-up, operation, and management capabilities. This course will train students with entrepreneurial skills and learn the business investment and management practices essentials.
The thesis focuses on practice of business operation management. We are training students to learn the business circumstance and entrepreneurship.

2. Sspecific outcomes
EMBA students include business circles and manager level of government institutions. The gross enrollment ratio can be greater than 100% in EMBA program. Beside we also have attached to read with the class students. 
The qualification of supervisor must be distinguish in academic and really business experience. The topic of dissertation requires to reach relevant about company. 

3. Developing key points and implementation strategy
Key point of development
Develop a full aspect of business and management capabilities. Let students to be a successful entrepreneur.
Implementation strategy
We have the best of modern teaching facilities.  Small-class teaching, excellent academic environment, outstanding classroom furniture 
Domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation
•    We invite professionals from the managerial position to be a speaker. Beside, we also have overseas and domestic business visits, cooperation with other university, academic exchange with other university.
•    Practice teaching and research
•    Dissertation is focus on the academic and practical business.
•    Curriculum plan emphasize the important of practical orientation. Dissertation contents aim the business management area.    
•    We invite professionals from the managerial position to be a supervisor with our academic professor.
•    Guidance student Investment and establishment Company, accomplishment business plan
•    We teach students investment and setting up a business. Besides, we developing entrepreneurial opportunities and tanning student business management capability.

4. Employment
All EMBA graduates are 100% employed.