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1. Purpose of establishment
Cultivate elite business management talents.

2. Development Features
Develop the ability to diagnose and solve business management problems.
Cultivate the ability of enterprise management with all-round entrepreneurship and innovative business model.

3. Development priorities
Cultivate elite enterprise management talents
(1) Combine the management concepts and practical experience of the industry into teaching and research.
(2) Combine industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, etc. to solve business management problems.

4. Courses (Program)
First year of graduate school: Learn the ability to diagnose and solve business problems.
Second year of graduate school: Learn all-round entrepreneurship, innovative business models, and the ability of business management.
Graduation credits: 18 credits for compulsory subject, 12 credits for select course, 0 credits for thesis.

5. Department of equipment
In addition to exclusive teaching facilities and small class teaching, it also enjoys a five-star campus learning environment.

6. Features of this class
The dissertation focuses on company management practice, and cultivates students with practical ability and vision of enterprise entrepreneurship and management.